AEDs & Equipment

Stat PADS offers all brands of Automated External Defibrillators (AED). We also provide access to all of the equipment necessary to create and manage a successful AED program. Our AED Program Consultants can help you with everything.

Choose from any brand of AED

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Stat PADS offers convenient, cost-effective financing programs and competitive pricing.

AED Packages as low as $50/month

-New AED
-Updated Warranty & Technology
-3 years of AED Program Management
-Electrode pad replacement upon expiration
-Free, fully-stocked first aid cabinet (ANSI A+) or 1 additional year of AED Program Management

Take advantage of our AED Buy-Back option to seamlessly upgrade from old technology to new.

Stat PADS provides all of the AED equipment an organization needs to manage its AED program.

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