Laws & Regulations

State Requirements

Click on a state to find out whether they require the following:

  • Medical Direction
  • CPR/AED training
  • Monthly AED Inspections
  • EMS notification and/or county registration

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AED Cheat Sheet

Below are some quick facts regarding AED ownership & deployment in the United States:

3 Minutes to AED

The distance to and from an AED should not take more than 3 minutes for a helping bystander to reasonably travel

AED = Class III

An AED is a Class III medical device that requires a prescription to be purchased

5 Trained/Shift

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that at least 5 CPR/AED trained responders be present on any given shift

Energy Saver

AEDs can be inspected without running self diagnostic tests that drain the main battery

Close Shave

A kit consisting of a razor (in the advent of chest hair) and a pair of shears (for hard to remove clothing) should be placed with the AED

60 Days

Replacement pads, batteries and training renewals should be scheduled 60 days prior to expiration. Delivery times, scheduling issues, and room for error should not hinder readiness