AED/CPR/First Aid Training

Stat PADS provides options for training that is certified by the American Heart Association. We offer, comprehensive training in the fundamental (and often required) First Aid, CPR, and AED lifesaving skills that allow your employees to respond to a variety of workplace safety emergencies. We offer this training in a variety of formats:

  • Onsite Training – Our instructor comes to your worksite for a traditional classroom training course
  • Blended Learning – A combination of online lessons with a required practical hands-on skills assessment
  • Combination – A traditional class with an extended allotment of time for those that have taken the online training and need their skills assessment
  • Skills Update – A practical (non-certification) training of your employees, familiarizing them with the use of the AED that is present at that worksite. (Recommended by the OSHA Best Practices Guide / OSHA 3317-06N 2006)

Stat PADS coordinates training for all of your locations with a single point of contact:

  • Automatic roster uploads (for AED Program Management customers)
  • Cost effective per-person pricing
  • Convenient training formats and flexibility that meets your organizational needs

Call Stat PADS for more information or to schedule a class at 866-782-8723